Food for Skin SET Tomato Base Cream - Carrot Cleanser - Pumpkin Serum (40-55 years)

Food for Skin

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Start your journey with 'Food for Skin'. 100% Dutch Upcycled Quality Skincare! Get to know Food for Skin and order...


Start your journey with 'Food for Skin'. 100% Dutch Upcycled Quality Skincare!

Get to know Food for Skin and order your Food for Skin set from Parole with Tomato Base Cream, Carrot Cleanser and the Cucumber, Pumpkin or Avocado Serum. Both your skin and your wallet will benefit!

Foor for Skin is more than just a skin care brand: Food for Skin was created by two sisters with a mission to redefine beauty and sustainability in beauty.
Founded by Cathy and Angela Ursem, born and raised in the nature of West Friesland, Northern Netherlands, they started their journey with a simple yet profound goal: to create skin care that embodies efficacy, integrity and sustainability.
Cathy and Angela's passion has always been about healthy and balanced skin. Everyone knows the universal desire to show your best face to the world, regardless of age or stage of life. Their search for high-quality, honest and 100% natural skin care left much to be desired for years. Determined to bridge this gap, they began the journey to prove that effective products deserve a place in harmony, harnessing the power of nature's most powerful ingredients: vegetables, plants and seeds.
This Food for Skin philosophy led to a collaboration in the Netherlands, combining professional expertise with a clinical approach in renowned laboratories. Food for Skin's ethos goes beyond just good skin care; it is a commitment to sustainability, innovation and education. The priority is to develop ingredients from local residual flows and go for upcycling. Furthermore, the partnership with The Plastic Soup Foundation underlines commitment to combating the use of microplastics in cosmetics, protecting both skin and the planet.

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